Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Studies

The purpose of the Post-Graduate Studies Programme (PGSP) is the advancement of knowledge and the development of research and technology, by training qualified Engineers and Scientists in technological sectors, as well as Engineers and Scientists at Doctoral level who will have the possibility of independent and autonomous promotion of Technology-Science-Research.

The PGSP promotes the connection between the University and European educational and research networks. Additionally it contributes to the modernization of the Industry and Society, through the interaction between the University and productive as well as other actors that results in technology transfer, innovation promotion and overall development.

Regulation of Graduate Studies

List of Postgraduate Studies

Doctoral Thesis

Studying towards a PhD Degree leads to specialization in the research areas of the relevant Schools of Democritus University of Thrace, but also in neighboring research fields. Furthermore, it aims to produce high-quality scientific research and qualified scientists capable of contributing to the advancement of science, research and applications.

PhD holders from DUTH can be employed in the educational, research and business sector in Greece and abroad.