University Administration


Rector of Democritus University of Thrace is Professor Athanasios I. Karabinis,Professor of the Department of Civil Engineering

Deputy Rectors

Deputy Rector of Academic Affairs and Staff
Charitomeni Piperidou, Professor of Neurology, Department of Medicine

Deputy Rector of Infrastructure and Development
Ioannis Κ. Mourmouris, Professor of Management and Transportation Economics, Department of Economics

Deputy Rector of Research and Innovation
Pantelis N. Botsaris, Associate Professor of Mechanical Design, Department of Production and Management Engineering

Deputy Rector of Student and External Affairs
Nikolaos Aggeloussis, Associate Professor of Biomechanics, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science

Deputy Rector of Finance
Fotios P. Maris, Associate Professor of Water Management, Department of Forestry and Management of the Environment and Natural Resources

The Senate

The Senate consists of:

a) the Rector.

b) the Dean of each School

c) Chairmen of the Departments up to two for each School, for two-year term non-renewable, under switching schools and until the number the Departments of each School is exhausted. The method of determining the representation of Presidents appointed by decision of the Rector, that issued once.

d) a representative of the undergraduates, a representative of the postgraduates and a representative of the phd students where applicable, elected for an annual term, without the possibility of reelection

e) one representative of each category of staff provided for in Articles 28 and 29, for two-year term with no possibility of re-election, elected by single ballot by vote of the members of the staff of each category, and participates, voting, when discussed issues related to the corresponding category.

The exact composition and number of members of the Senate, as well as conditions and any matter relating to the above application are specified in the Statute and the Rules of Procedure of DUTH, respectively.

Deputy Rectors and the Secratery of the University may attend meetings of the Senate, without the right to vote.

University Council

The University Council consists of:

  • Panagiotopoulos George, President
  • Simopoulos Konstantinos, Vice President
  • External Members
  • Gkrozos Stilianos,
  • Zerefos Chris,
  • Karatzas Gabriel,
  • Kounadis Antonios,
  • Mpagiatis Konstantinos
  • Internal Members
  • Maltezos Efstratios,
  • Mavromatis George,
  • Mpotsaris Konstantinos,
  • Pavlou Stefanos,
  • Tsaousidis Basilios