The city of Alexandroupoli

Alexandroupolis is a city that evokes memories of the distant past and of the beauty of today. With its strategic position, a crossroads of sea and land routes, Alexandroupolis connects Europe and Asia, East to the West. This beautiful touristic seaside city is a city of tradition and modernity, a place for relaxation and fun.

Alexandroupolis , with 60,000 inhabitants, is the capital of the prefecture of Evros and it provides visitors with a wide range of services. The visitors of the city can stay in one of the many luxury hotels on offer and try out the numerous entertainment possibilities, visit the local taverns, cafes and bars by the seaside, do watersports and enjoy a pleasant holiday atmosphere and a comfortable stay.


The regional municipality of Alexandroupolis events include the following:

  • · Eleftheria: celebrated on May 14 to commemorate the liberation of the city from the Bulgarians. It includes a variety of events such as a parade, speeches, performances, exhibitions, music, dance and lasts throughout May.
  • · The Waves of Culture: events organized by the Municipality of Alexandroupolis taking place in the summer months.
  • · The Trade Fair: under the auspices of the Commercial - Industrial Chamber of Evros, with the participation of local exhibitors and exhibitors from the islands of the Eastern Aegean and other Balkan states.
  • · The Book Festival: held every two years on the waterfront.
  • · The World Congress of Thracians: held every two years in a different city of Thrace.