Ethics Committee


The Ethics Committee (EC) of Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) is appointed by the Senate and it is multidisciplinary. It deals with the implementation of the rules of the Code of Research Ethics and Research Conduct of DUTH and forwards its opinion to the relevant national and international institutions.
Specifically, the responsibilities of the Committee are summarized as follows:
- to deliver its opinion on issues arising and relating to the Ethics Research DUTH.
- to approve the proposals submitted by the faculty members of the university in various financial institutions in Greece and abroad, taking into consideration the purpose and methodology of the proposal (data collection protocol), at the request of the person concerned.
- to approve the purpose and methodology (protocol-enforcement and collection of data) of all research projects submitted for publication by the faculty members and researchers of the university, at the request of the person concerned.
- to undertake the preparation and periodic updating of the Code of Research Ethics and Research Conduct of DUTH.
- to create and update the corresponding website in order to inform the members of the University on the basic principles and rules of research ethics.

Members of the Committee

Charitomeni Piperidou Professor

Regular Members:
1. Stefanos Spartalis, Professor
2. Savvas Tokmakidis, Professor
3. Ioannis Bekas, Associate Professor
4. Charalampos Sakonidis, Professor
5. Konstantinos Vadikolias, Associate Professor
6. Flora Manakidou, Professor
7. Charalampos Poulopoulos, Associate Professor
8. Evangelos Manolas, Associate Professor

Alternates Members:
1. Alexandros Rigas, Professor
2. Konstantinos Laparidis, Professor
3. Dimitrios Stamatiadis, Assistant Professor
4. Galini Rekalidou, Associate Professor
5. Peristera Paschou, Associate Professor
6. Eleni Boliaki, Associate Professor
7. Georgios Sarafopoulos, Associate Professor
8. Georgios Broufas, Associate Professor

Contact details

Institutional Ethics Committee - Democritus University of Thrace
Komotini Campus
69100 Komotimi
Tel.: +30 25310 39282, +30 25310 39281, , Fax: +30 25310 39032