Researchers’ Mobility Node

Members of the node

Pantelis Botsaris, Scientific Coordinator, Deputy Rector of Research and Innovation, Head of the Research Committee, Associate Professor of the School of Production and Management Engineering
Georgia Theodora Intze,Member
Despoina Chatzikosma,Member


The European Researchers’ Mobility Network - Euraxess is a network of services providing search tools for career opportunities in research, free-of-charge personalised assistance on researchers’ mobility, as well as info on the responsibilities and entitlements of researchers, on social security and on visa formalities.
Euraxess Services is a network of more than 200 mobility nodes in over 40 countries in Europe. All nodes can assist researchers and their families in matters related to transportation and accommodation in a foreign country. This free-of-charge personalised service can assist you on matters related to accommodation, visa formalities, language courses, schools/ childcare, social security, health and medical care. The qualified personnel of the nodes are always available to assist you. Find a Euraxess Services centre near you and find out some of the success stories.
Euraxess Jobs is a free-of-charge useful tool for finding and selecting personnel. As a researcher, you can have access to info on continuously updated job openings, funding opportunities and fellowships in Europe. By uploading your CV, potential employers can easily contact you. As a company or a research institution you can publish ads on job openings free-of-charge and search for leading researchers from all over the world. Furthermore, you have access to online career portals in associated countries that include info on research career opportunities funding opportunities and personalised services for each country.
Euraxess Rights offers information on the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. The European Charter for Researchers addresses the roles, responsibilities and entitlements of researchers and their employers or funding organizations. The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers aims to improve recruitment, to make selection procedures fairer and more transparent and proposes different means of judging merit. Many of the most prominent research centres in Europe have already adopted the Charter and the Code of Conduct.
Euraxess Links offers online services to researchers working outside Europe, helping them stay in touch with each other and with Europe. Researches can use the forum and the researchers’ database; receive e-mail alerts and read the magazine, while at the same time they can find information on networking events. Euraxess Links provides information on transnational research career opportunities and on internships in Europe. The internet portal operates in China, India, Japan and USA.

Contact details

Researchers’ Mobility Network Node – DEMOCRITUS UNIVERSITY OF THRACE
XANTHI, 67132
Tel.: +30 25410 79552 and +30 25410 79419