Quality Assurance Unit

Members of QAU

Nikolaos Aggeloussis, Deputy Rector of Student and External Affairs, Professor of Biomechanics, School of Physical Education and Sport Science, President of QAU
Miltos Lazarides, Professor in Vascular Surgery, Medical Department, Project Leader of QAU
Galini Rekalidou, Associate Professor of Pedagogy and Applications in Education, School of Education Sciences in Early Childhood
Spyridon Koutroubas, Professor of Agronomy, School of Agricultural Development
Ioannis Mpekas, Associate Professor of Penal and Criminological Sciences, School of Law
Vassilios Profillidis, Professor at Section of Transportation, School of Civil Engineering

Background - Purpose

The Quality Assurance Unit of Democritus University of Thrace (QAU/DUTH) was defined by the ruling A5814/18-2-2008 of the Senate, pursuant to Law 3374/2005 (Article 2 § 4).

The QAU is responsible for assessing the institution as a whole, serving as an Internal Evaluation Group (IEG) of the University (Law 3374/2005, Article 5 § 4). The responsibilities of QAU are identified by the above Act and include:

(a) A biennial compilation of an internal report on the operation of the University, which takes into account the respective annual internal reports of the Departments and Schools of the University (Law 3374/2005, Article 2 § 5), and

(b) the preparation of an Internal Evaluation Report on the operation of the University, every four years.

Additionally, QAU is the university institution which coordinates and supports the continuous processes of assessment of the University and its academic units.

The Schools of DUTH (academic units) through the Internal Evaluation Group (IEG) prepare and submit annual reports of their internal assessment that include quantitative data for every School (students, faculty members, other professional staff, facilities, curriculum, research, publications, books, etc.) and also assessment for the ongoing tasks. The QAU submits the Internal Evaluation Report (IER) for each Department to the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (ADIP), in order for the latter to evaluate them externally. Furthermore, it prepares the biennial internal report of the Institution.

The QAU office is operating since July 2011, as part of the project "MODIP Democritus University of Thrace", Priority axis 1, "Upgrading the quality of education and promoting social integration in 8 regions phasing" of the Operational Programme "Education and lifelong learning ", co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and National Funds. The Project Leader is Professor Miltiadis Lazarides.

Contact details

Quality Assurance Unit - Democritus University of Thrace
Komotini Campus
69100 Komotini
Tel.: +30 25310 39083
Webpage: modip.duth.gr/.