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      Rector’s Council

      Based on the provisions of article 14 in law 4485/2017, FEK 114A’ ‘Organization and Running of Higher Education, arrangements for research and other provisions’, the Rector’s Council consists of:

      1. The Rector
      2. The Vice-Rectors
      3. A student representative (who is indicated by the elected students who take part in the Senate)
      4. A representative of the Administrative staff who participates in the Senate

      The Rector’s Council is installed in office and runs legally even though student representatives or representatives of the Administrative staff have not been elected. 
      In case of tied vote, the opinion in favour of which the Rector expressed himself prevails. 

      The Rector’s Council has the following responsibilities and other responsibilities that accrue from the provisions of this law, from the Organization and from the Internal Regulation of the Institution:

      1. presents to the Senate the strategy for the development of the Institution on a local, national, European and international level and for the shaping of its special character in the framework of its mission,
      2. compiles the plan of agreements for programmatic implementation, based on which the Senate defines the directions towards which the Institution will develop and progress,
      3. compiles and  reforms the annual, regular financial budget and the final financial report of the Institution, as well as the respective budgets of the public investment programme, it submits them to the Senate for approval and it monitors the implementation of relevant decisions made by the Senate. Budget compilation involves the distribution of amounts of money for the educational, research and other activities of the Institution, within the framework of the plan of agreements for programmatic implementation,
      4. presents to the Rector the Organization plan and the draft of the Internal Regulation of the Institution, that are finally submitted to the Senate for approval,
      5. presents to Senate the constitution of the committees or the processing of issues that need to be dealt with by the Senate itself,
      6. has the responsibility for the implementation of Laws and of the rules of the Organization and of the Internal Regulation,
      7. ensures that the administrative services of the Institution are adequately organized and sufficiently manned,
      8. presents to the Senate the distribution and re-distribution of the posts for new teaching and research staff in the Departments,
      9. exercises specific duties that have been assigned to it by the Senate for a specified time period via a justified decision

      The decisions made by the Rector’s Council are notified within a (1) month from the day the decision has been made and are posted on the official website of the Institution.

      Members of the Rector’s Council
      1. The Rector: Professor Alexandros C. Polychronidis
      2. The Vice-Rectors: Ass. Professor Fotios Maris, Professor Zoi Gavriiolidou, Professor Maria Michalopoulou, Professor Raphael Sandaltzopoulos
      3. Student Representative: (not elected yet)
      4. Representative of Administrative Staff: Theodoros Paschalidis, with Ourania Poufina as his Surrogate


      Rector Act for the Restructuring of the Rector’s Council at D.U.Th. (ΔΠΘ/ΠΡ/10758/630/19.10.2018) (in Greek)

      Delegation of authority to the Rector’s Council from DUTH Senate (FEK 4507/12.10.2018, Issue B, Decision 4)


      • Konstantinia Mamoulou
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        +30 25310 39153
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        Secretary of Rector’s Council
        Democritus University of Thrace
        Administration Building (Rector Building)
        University campus
        P.O. Box 69100