Based on the provisions of article 15 in law 4485/2017, FEK 114A’ ‘Organization and Running of Higher Education, arrangements for research and other provisions’
      1.    a) Members of the full-time academic staff who serve as Professors or Associate Professors can be elected as Deans of their Faculty for a period of three-years. The start and end date of the office is determined in the elections call. 
      b) Members of the teaching and research staff that retire on completion of the upper age limit are not allowed to participate in the forthcoming elections.
      c) A Dean can be elected for two consecutive terms of office in total. 
      2. The body of electors for the Dean’s election consists of the following members: a) all members of the teaching and research staff of the Faculty (first group of electors) and b) all members of the Special Educational Staff, Laboratory and Teaching Staff and Special, Technical, Laboratory Staff of the Faculty (second group of electors). Cases a and b, as these are described in paragraph 3 of article 15 can also be applied in the case of the Dean’s election.
      3. The election call for the new Dean is announced by the Dean in office three (3) months before the termination of his office. In case the above procedure is not followed, the responsibility for the announcement of the elections is assigned to the Rector himself. Either the Dean or the Rector takes full responsibility for the publication of the election call on the website of the Institution and of the Faculty and takes any necessary measures that the call receives the widest possible publicity.
      4. Nominations for the position of the Dean are submitted by the interested applicants, within the deadline defined in the election call, to the Dean or Rector, in case the responsibility for the announcement of the elections has been to him, according to the second sub-paragraph of paragraph 3.
      The Dean has the following and other responsibilities that accrue from the provisions of this law, from the Organization and from the Internal Regulation:
      a.    He convenes the General Assembly of the Faculty, compiles the agenda of issues for discussion, assigns the role of the propopent to a member of the General Assembly or the Faculty respectively, presides over their sessions and presents himself the issues for which no proponent has been assigned to any member of either the General Assembly or the Faculty. Additionally, he ensures that all decisions made by the General Assembly and the Deanery be fully applied.
      b.    Supervises the full application of the Study Regulation in the Departments as well as the enforcement of this law, Organization and Internal Regulation
      c.    Manages all services provided by the Deanery.
      d.    Convenes committees for the study or processing of specific issues that fall under his own responsibilities.
      e.    Participates in the Committee of Graduate Studies of the Institution, according to paragraph 5, article 32.

      The Dean compiles the annual performance report that is submitted for approval to the General Assembly of the Faculty.

      The Deans of the Faculties

      Professor Theodoros Konstantinidis Faculty of Health Sciences
      Professor Angelos Markos Faculty of Education Studies
      Professor Spyridon Galatsidas Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences
      Professor Antonios Gasteratos Faculty of Engineering
      Professor Michael Chrysomallis Faculty of Law
      Professor Eleni Douda Faculty of Physical Education and Sports
      Professor Emmanuel Varvounis  Faculty of Classical and Humanities Studies 
      Professor Sevasti Chatzifotiou Faculty of Social, Political and Economics Sciences