Department of Production and Management Engineering

      The mission of the Department of Production and Management Engineering is the cultivation and advancement of Production Engineering and Management science through academic and applied research and search and, hence, the provision of students with all necessary knowledge that ensures their full training, essential for their scientific and professional career and development.
      More specifically, the Department of Production and Management Engineering fulfills its mission via teaching, research and application of systematic ways for the improvement of productivity (production quality and quantity increase along with a subsequent reduction of available resources) and the training of expert engineers able to study, research and deal with the design, structure and function modern technological and management systems. Graduate engineers of the Department can be part of the staff in organization and management departments and in departments responsible for programming methods and business planning. In addition, our graduates can unfold their critical skills necessary for the organization of human, material and economic resources. The Curriculum of the Department is so organized to allow prospective production and management engineers to receive the knowledge needed for running and communicating effectively with their partners.
      The existing tendency for a deeper understanding of and specialization of traditional specialties of engineering in specific subject areas, due to the rapidly increasing knowledge requires engineers who can combine this knowledge in multiple ways as it enables them to coordinate the whole productive process, plan the whole production system, run an organization and make decisions.
      Graduates from the Department of Production and Management Engineering can be enrolled as members in the Technical Chamber of Greece, in the Register of Contracting Companies, Register of Experienced Buildersand Advisory Committee on Studiesfor the corresponding projects.



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