Committee on Gender Equality (C.G.E.)

      The Establishment of a Committee on Gender Equality (C.G.E.) at Democritus University of Thrace was decided by the University’s Senate (Decision 16/2/30-4-2020) as defined by the law, and in particular by the Article 33 of Law 4589/2019. 
      It is about an non-remunerated committee that acts as Senate’s and Faculties/Departments Administrations advisory body, with the aim to promote equality to all aspects of academic life. This Committee is consisted of nine members in total, while six (6) of them are T.R.S members, one (1) member is S.T.S or L.T.P. or T.T.S., one (1) administrative officer and one (1) student. 

      Executive competences
      1. Draws up action plans to promote and ensure effective equality in the Educational, Research and Administrative Procedures of the University, while it compiles an annual report, which shall be submitted to the Senate.
      2. Recommends to the relevant bodies measures about equality’s promotion and sexism combat.
      3. Provides information and further education in genders issues and equality to members of the academic community.
      4. Provides intermediation services in cases of complaints of discrimination or harassment.
      5. Promotes the preparation of Postgraduate Programs as well as the holding of seminars and lectures focusing on the study of genders.
      6. Promotes studies and researches on issues that are related to its objectives.
      7. Assists the victims of discrimination when they are reporting discrimination on different grounds. Based on HEIs Rules of Procedure, issues of victims support upon discrimination are regulated by the Commission.
       C.G.E. Members
      1. Sevasti Xatzifotiou, Associate Professor in Social Work, President
      2. Agapi Kandilaki, Professor in Social Work, Member.
      3. Aglaia Pappa, Associate Professor in Molecular Biology and Genetics, Member.
      4. Maria Pappa, Accosiate Professor in Agricultural Development,, Member.
      5. Yfantidou Georgia, Assistant Professor in Physical Education and Sport Science, Member.
      6. Nikolaos Koulouris, Associate Professor in Social Policy, Member.
      7. Paschalis Katsikas, S.T.L.P. member at the faculty of Greek Philology, Member.
      8. Parthena Petridou, DUTH administrative officer, Member.
      9. Eleni Vaggaia, undergraduate student at DUTH, Member

      The term of of the Committee members shall be three years.