Legal Service Secretariat

      Among the duties of the Secretariat of the Legal Service, the following tasks are included:

      • the undertaking of the correspondence of the Legal Service
      • protocol and record keeping
      • keeping track of the meetings of the Legal Committee
      • keeping a fully up-to-date record of any case requiring judicial treatment and collecting information or information from the Administrative Services, Faculties, Departments or Branches of the Institution
      • The notification of appeals and other documents, the collection, examination and dispatch of relevant data to the relevant courts and the typing of proposals and documents etc.

      The Legal service Secretariat is directly accountable to the Rector.

      Human Resources

      The numbers in parentheses are all internal telephone numbers for use only within the Institution.

      KARIDI MARIA Head +30 25310 39138 (74138)
      PSOMOULI EFROSINI   +30 25310 39022 (74022)