Department of Architectural Engineering

      The primary aim of the Department is the cultivation and hierarchical advancement of all aspects of Architecture and, subsequently, the incrementally developing students’ education and practice that aids to the establishment of accomplished architectures, able to handle a wide variety of challenges (in the area of their professional career, in research as well as in the pursuit of further studies). Architectural education at DUTHfocuses on the subject area of architectural design (composition), as well as on urban design, urban planning, spatial planning,maintenance and restoration by combining theoretical teaching with practice via a wide variety of laboratory thematic applications.
      In terms of methodological and educational approach, the key priority of the Department is the balanced interpretation and critical configuration of the above-mentioned subject areas within objective frameworks that are defined by more specialized considerations of issues related to the human-made environment such as, for instance, technological (structural, constructionist, environmentalist, economical) but also cultural (historical, social, artistic) considerations. This complex, argumentative relationship between architecture, which is mostly a synthetic and human-centered science, with an abundance of supportive knowledge is reflected in the Department Curriculum.

      Nowadays, the Department of Architectural Engineering consists of the following four (4) sectors:

      1. The Sector of Structural Science and Technology
      2. The Sector of Arts and Humanities
      3. The Sector of Architectural Design and Constructions
      4. The Sector of Urban and Spatial Planning

      The duration of undergraduate studies is five (5) years and they are organized into ten (10) academic semesters.


      • Head
        Professor Dimitrios Polychtonopoulos
      • Secretary
        Paraskevi Garoufa
      • Τelephone
        +30 25410 79349/79350/79364
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        Department of Architectural Engineering
        New Building of Central Library
        University Campus, Kimmeria
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