Department of Environmental Engineering

      The Department of Environmental Engineering is the first department of its kind that started to run in Greece. The academic training for an Environmental Engineer, as it has been designed and is reflected in the Curriculum, is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach with respect to the understanding, study and treatment of sustainability development issues in a human-made environment, where a plethora of technical, social, ecological and economic parameters are equally involved.
      Based on the foundational P.D. 365/93, the mission of the Department of Environmental Engineering can be described and defined as follows:

      1. To cultivate and advance the academic and applied teaching and research, the science of Engineering that refers to the management and protection of natural and man-made environment
      2. To provide its graduate with all necessary competencies that ensure their full training essential for their scientific, research and professional career
      3. To virtually contribute tothe consolidation and activation of the sense of social solidarity and responsibility for the environment as well as to the development of environmental protection methods and techniques, enhancement of life quality and to the protection of public health
      4. To produce highly-qualified technical executives able for the Administration, Planning and Management of programs, projects and policies in environmental issues
      5. To train and educate teaching practitioners and educators, members of the Public Sector, Local Administration and members of other social groups and agencies on environmental issues that are included in the area of responsibilities of the aforementioned agencies and organizations. To offer services of Continuous Education to graduate engineers.

      The Department confers the Diploma of Environmental Engineer. The duration of studies is 10 semesters, of which nine (9) are dedicated to module teaching while throughout the last semester, students are required to undertake their final Thesis.


      • Dean
        Professor Spyridon Ntougias
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        Lamprini Kesoglidou
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        +30 25410-79110, 79112
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        Vas. Sofias, 12, P.O. Box. 67132,Xanthi
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