The Department of History and Ethnology

      The Department of History and Ethnology was founded and started to run its operation in the academic year 1991-1992. 200 students are approximately accepted for studies each year.
      The objectives of the Department are:

      1. To study the historical evolution of humanityacross time  as well as the factors that influence it
      2. To study the typical ways the human species have formed groups, especially in people with no writing system
      3. To study peoples’ conduct and their spiritual, social and ethical manifestations as well as folk culture
      4. To provide its graduates with  the necessary theoretical and practical training for the scientific and professional career and development

      More information with respect to the current organization of the Curriculum that leads to a Ptychion, can be found in the Study Guide of the Department.
      The Department confers asingle degree with a specialization either in the area of History or Ethnology. The Department has a Library and a Reading Room. The Library has at its disposal 117 Greek book titles and 138 foreign journal titles, 14.800 volumes and a Collection of over 1,000 volumes of Rare Books.