Structure of Services

      The Democritus University of Thrace, is a fully self-governing LPPL, based in the city of Komotini. Somme of its Faculties and Departments can also be found in the cities of Xanthi, Alexandroupolis and Orestiada. 
      The administrative and secretarial support of the University, of its Faculties and Departments, in their overall teaching and research activities, is carried out through its administrative services, operating in the city of Komotini where University’s Central Administration is based as well as in the cities of Xanthi, Alexandroupolis and Orestiada, where University sub-units have been established.
      DUTH administrative services are structured in Directorates-General, Directorates, Independent Departments or Non-autonomous Offices. 
      At the Democritus University of Thrace, there is a Library that operates as a separate and decentralized service. 
      At the Democritus University of Thrace there is also a Legal Service.


      DUTH administrative services are structured as follows :
      a) General Directorate of Administrative Support
      aa) Administrative Department
      ab) Department of Academic Affairs
      ac) Department of Financial Management

      b) General Directorate of Planning and Development
      ba) Department of Programming and Development 
      bb) Department of Technical Project Management
      bc) IT Department 

      c) Secretariat
      ca) Faculties Secretariat (one for each Faculty)
      cb) Departments Secretariat (one for each Department)
      cc) Senate Secretariat
      cd) Dean’s office Secretariat
      ce) Legal Office Secretariat
      cf) SARF Secretariat

      d) Autonomous Editorial Department (Printshop), falling within the Head of University’s secretariat field of competence
      e) Autonomous Offices falling within Rector’s field of competence 
      ea) Dean’s office
      eb) Office for career prospects of students 
      ec) Office for automobile powertrain 

      Faculties and Departments Secretaries are operating at the headquarters of the academic unit concerned, in order to provide administrative and secretarial support to their educational and research activities, while, at an administrative organization level, they correspond to the Departments