Property Development and Management Company

      The Property Development and Management Company at Democritus University of Thrace was founded in compliance of article 3, par. 7 of the Law 1268/82, with the Presidential Decree 108/1989 (FEK A’ 46/10.2.1989) andoperates as Public Limited Company in accordance with the above-mentioned Presidential Decree that consists its statute andfollowing the corresponding law concerning S.A.

      The stock capital of P.D.M.C/D.U.TH. amounts to 300,000 Euros afteran increase (P.D. 351/1994 FEK A’ 186/7.11.1994) and its adjustment to Euros (P.D. 173/1994 FEK A’ 146/3.8.2004). One share belongs to Democritus University of Thrace.

      Its aim is the Development and Management of the Property that belongs to the University, a task that has been assigned to the Company via decision by Democritus University of Thrace itself. The P.D.M.C/D.U.TH. is run by an Administrative Board that consists of 7 memberswho are appointed for a 3-year tenure by the Senate of the University, that acts asa General Assembly and is the Supreme Body of the Company, according to what is determined by itsStatute. According to the Statute, the Rector of D.U.TH. takes part in the Administrative Board as its Presidentwhile the Vice-Rector of Financial Planning and Development is his Deputy. The Executive Director, who is elected by the Administrative Board, is responsible for the execution of all decisions reached by the Board as he/she is considered to be the legal representative of the Company.

      Administrative Board

      Full Members
      Alexandros Polichronidis  Professor at the Department of Medicine, Rector at DUTH, President. 
      Stefanos Pavlou Professor at the Department of Law, DUTH, Executive Director
      Christos Mastrokostas Professor at the Department of Law, Dean of the Law School, DUTH, Member
      Ploumis Pasadakis Professor at the Department of Medicine, Dean of the School of Health Sciences, DUTH
      Georgios Kimparidis Lawyer in Komotini, Member
      Dimitrios Politeiadis Deputy Mayor of Finance in Komotini, Member
      Panteleimon Botsaris Professor at the Department of Production Engineering and Administration, DUTH, Member
      Surrogate Members
      Fotios Maris Associate Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering
      Vice-Rector of Finance DUTH
      Vice President
      Apostolos Karaggounidis Associate Professor at the Department of Law, DUTH
      Vice Chief Executive Officer
      Michail Pitiakoudis Professor at the Department of Medicine, DUTH
      Stavros Stavrakoglou President of Cooperative Bank in Evros
      Ioanna Chatziantoniou President of the Bar Association in Rodopi
      Eirene Filippou Director in Peiraios Bank, Komotini
      Theofilos Papadimitriou Professor at theDepartment of Economic Sciences, DUTH

      Contact Us

      • Xanthoula Tsolakaki
        DUTH employee, Acting as a Director
        Τel:+30 25310-39029
      • Petros Tsimpiridis
        Accountant P.D.M.C./DUTH.
        Τel: +30 25310-34919
      • Address
        Property Development and Management Company,
        Democritus University Of Thrace, University Campus, Administration Building (Rector Building)
        69100, Komotini
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