Unit Quality Assurance

      The Quality Assurance Unit at Democritus University of Thrace (QAU/DUTH) was initially founded based upon a decision of a Special Composition Senate meeting in compliance with Law 3374/2005 (article 2, par. 4). Its current structure was determined following the Senate decision DUTH/SENATE/2410/104/20-09-2016 in compliance with Law 4009/2005 (article 14, par. 2).
      QAU consists an advisory body for the administration of the University that gathers valuable information for its strengths and weaknesses and suggests further improvements aiming to ensure the provision of high-quality services for the benefit of the students, the human workforce of the institution as well as of the wider society. This is mainly achieved through the coordination of the processes concerning the internal and external evaluation of both academic and administrative units of the University, conducted under the auspices of UQA.
      The QAU at DUTH has already coordinated in the past the internal and external evaluation procedures carried out in all Departments and Schools at DUTH, all internal evaluations as well as the external evaluation process of the Institution that took place in December 2015 yielding a particularly positive result. Additionally, the Unit has formulated a System of Quality Assurance and Accreditation at the University aiming at its Quality Assurance and Improvement, that unfolds itself towards the following directions:

      • Shaping and documentation of the vision and strategy followed for the quality of the work and of the services provided within a framework of a culture quality.
      • Specification of quality standards for all component parts, necessary for the functioning of the institution (infrastructures, human resources, work and services) 
      • Ongoing monitoring, recording and evaluation of quality indices for the work produced, the services provided, and the activities taking place in the Institution.
      • Planning and implementation of actions aiming to support and improve the quality of the work, services and activities of the Institution.
      • Accreditation and regular evaluation of the System of Quality Assurance and Accreditation so that it can align with the strategic choices made by the Institution and the State.

      Human Resources

      The numbers in parentheses are all internal telephone numbers for use only within the Institution

      GKAVAKI STYLIANI Deputy Head  +30 25310 39083 (74083)
      MARSIDOU SOFIA   +30 2531039097 (74097)


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