Senate Secretariat

      The Senate Secretariat provides secretarial support to the Senate and is directly accountable to the Rector. Among its duties are the following:

      • The compilation, preparation and processing of all issues that are to be introduced to the Senate for discussion
      • Drawing up, approving of and notifying the agenda
      • Keeping track of the minutes and notifying the agenda
      • Ensuring compliance and reporting of decisions to the relevant departments of the institution
      • Keeping a record of minutes and issuing copies or extracts to the administrative services of the institution

      Human Resources

      The numbers in parentheses are all internal telephone numbers for use only within the Institution.

      MAMOULOU KONSTANTINIA     Deputy Head +30 2531039153 (74153)
      NOTOUDI EKATERINI   +30 2531039024 (74024)
      ΕFREMIDOU CHRISANTHI   +30 2531039052 (74052)
      BABASIDIS CHRISTOS   +30 2531039123 (74123)
      DINA MARIA   +30 2531039025 (74025)