The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

      The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics is the only university department in Greece that focuses on the area of Biosciences. Its prime aim is the creation of an intersection of Excellence in Education and Research. Its Undergraduate Curriculum has been designed based on internationalstandards and focuses on the exponentially developing sectors of Molecular Biology and Genetics.
      Throughout the first two years of their studies, students are getting familiarized with key notions and principles of Molecular Biosciences and with contemporary methods and techniques. During the third and fourth year of their studies, they deepen their study of Molecular Biology and Genetics and their subsequent applications, while their also have the opportunity to keep track of modern and emerging trends in specialized fields through optional modules. The last semester of undergraduate studies is dedicated to a thesis that is an original piece of research and can be either conducted at the University or other Research Center.
      The graduates of the department can be employed by Research Institutions, hospitals and other agencies in the Health Sector, in industry (pharmaceutical, food industry etc.) as well as in education. Many graduate pursue their studies in Greece and abroad, funded by competitive scholarships. 


      • Dean
        Professor Ioannis Tokatlidis
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        Dimitrios Asimakopoulos 
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        +30 25510 30610/14
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        +30 25510 30613
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        Administrative Building, 6th kilometer, P.O. Box. 68100, Dragana, Alexandroupoli
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