Department of Economic Sciences

      The Department of Economics Sciences with its Directions of Economic Analysis and Business Administration holds a leading role in the teaching and research of Economics Sciences. The graduate program confers the title of MBA and, subsequently a PhD degree.
      The Department offers exceptional opportunities both for undergraduate and graduate studies and participation in its autonomous and original research activity. Its Laboratory of Analysis, Methodology and Applications in the areas of Administration, Economy, Organization and Strategy takes part in a vast number of specialized research programs with important collaborations in Greece and internationally. Its Curriculum places special emphasis on the necessary scientific methodology and the required contemporary techniques for the full understanding, research and practice in Economy and Administration. Nowadays, the Department resembles a lively beehive of teaching staff, researchers and students where new ideas and innovative methods in the economic research are beingtenaciously sought after aiming excellence. Departmental graduates are well represented in almost all key sectors of economy and administration and many members of the academic staff have been distinguished through their work in both the public and private sector



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