Department of Political Science

      The Department of Political Science at Democritus University of Thrace was founded in 2009 (P.D. 21/2009, FEK, A 42). In 2013, the Department merged with the Department of Social Administration into a new Department, i.e. the Department of Social Administration and Political Science within the framework of ‘Athina’ plan that was concerned with the restructuring of the academic map of the country (P.D. 86/2013, FEK, A 124 June 3rd2013). In 2019, based on Article 64, Law 4610/2019, the above-mentioned Department separated into three independent departments, i.e. the Department of Political Science, the Department of Social Work and the Department of Social Policy.
      In this sense, the Department of Political Science was essentially re-founded to serve its objective of its initial foundation in 2009. This starting point allows the Department to highlight the special features of the scientific field it serves, as this has been formulated internationally, and, also collaborate with other scientific areas with whom it shares common objectives, aiming towards the advancement of research and teaching.
      Its key subject of study is the phenomenon of power in all its dimensions: both historically, via a comparative recursion in social formations past the modern skyline, as much as geographically, through an equally comparative examination of different political and authoritative systems, and also through the investigation of political speech, that mainly refers to the area of political philosophy and theory. The structure of the Curriculum particularly emphasizes on the authorities and the dynamics of the modern political system, examining all the range of potentialities starting from the study of the electoral behavior to the study of class structures of social interests, to local politics to the international power associations. Critical thinking, the issue of political values and the regulatory dimension of politics are cultivated in combination with a systematic examination of operational procedures and of changes in the power structures.
      The Department of Political Science aspires to train political scientists, capable to cope with the complex requirements of knowledge anddiscussion of political phenomena and of modern politics on a national, supra-national and international level. It offers modules and research supervision in key areas of the field (political philosophy and politics theory, comparative and European politics, political system – with emphasis on Greece- international relations and international law).

      The Secretary Office of the Department (where freshmen are enrolled) is housed in the building block at the city thecentre of Komotini along with other University departments, and more specifically at 1 P. Tsaldari st., (PRO-KAT 1).

      For information related to the old Department of Social Management and Political Science, please go to: