Department of Social Policy

      The Department of Social Policy is a modern and dynamic department that offers third-level education in the field of Social Policy. It has a strong multi-disciplinary character and its students acquire valuable knowledge and experiences that allows them to apply this knowledge, skills and methods in a wide array of fields such as Social Policy, Sociology, Economics, Law, Forensics, Political Science, etc. In addition, students are in a position to comprehend the way these sciences constantly change and are being restructured as well as to interpret the different perceptions and values of individuals who come from different social, cultural and economic groups. The Department curriculum is in accordance with international and European academic standards and meets students’ educational needs who are interested in the field of Social Policy on a theoretical as well as on an applied level.
      The Department also provides the opportunity for the undertaking of scientific and comparative research via PhD programs on topics that constitute part of the wider area of applied social policy. Departmental graduates can work in both state and private social agencies that deal with the planning and implementation of social policy and with the treatment of social problems.For instance, graduates can be employed in ministries, social security organizations and corporations, hospitals and health structures, penitentiary institutions, social structures, universities and research centers, large-scale industries, non-governmental organizations with a social cause and in the local government. Graduates can also be employed in public and private agencies abroad, such as the European Union, the UN Organization, the OECD, in multinational corporations and  non-governmental organizations with a social cause.
      The Secretary Office of the Department (where freshmen are enrolled) is housed in the building block at the city centre of Komotini along with other University departments, and more specifically at 1 P. Tsaldari st., (PRO-KAT 1).

      For information related to the old Department of Social Management and Political Science, please go to: