Faculty of Law

      The Faculty of Law consists of one department, i.e. the Department of Law.
      Due to its rich history as one of the very first Departments of Democritus University and its distinguished academic staff, the Department of Law has made exceptional contributions to the legal culture of our country as well as to the field of international and European law. As such, the Department’s mission has been to provide society with reliable Law interpreters and enforcers, responsible professionals, public officials, and, above all, with inspired law defenders.
      Via a modern system of legal studies that assumes a global view of law without either dismissing the dimension of socialconcern and of cultural traditions orunderestimating European collaboration and the universal protection of peoples’ and individuals’ rights, as democratic institutions demand, the Department makes a worthwhile effort to impart Legal Knowledge to its students and, create mostly conscientious citizens.
      The Department offers nine (9) graduate programs and the possibility of PhD studies, organizing its curriculum and its research activity along five (5) Sectors (Private Law, Public Law and Political Science, Criminal and Forensic Sciences, International Relations, Business and Labour Law).


      • Dean
        Professor Michalis Chrysomallis
      • Secretary
        Martha Kallou-Perdiki
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        +30 25310 39897
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        +30 25310 39890
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        University Campus, P.O. Box. 69100, Komotini
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