Department of Law

      The Department of Law was founded in 1974 and opened its gates to the students the same year. 600 students on average are accepted each year to pursue undergraduate studies in the science of Law. The main objective of the Department isthorough study of jurisprudence viewed as an integral part of social sciences. As such, jurisprudence not only confines itself to the play the awkward role of a research system of the already existing positive lawbut it also seeks to find the social conditions that permeate the evolution of Law. Via a system of meticulous search of values, the legal education, as every other form of education, has as its primary purpose the adoption of a set of corresponding behavior forms. To this end, the Department of Law at Democritus University of Thrace has something to offer, to sensitize and mobilize the public opinion, assumingthe role of an agent that awakens our national conscience both for the present and the future.
      The duration of the studies at the Department lasts four (4) years, namely eight (8) semesters. Out of the total fifty (50) courses included in the first cycle of undergraduate studies, forty-four (44) are compulsory modules while six (6) are compulsory on-demandmodules. The completion of the studies can be considered to be successful when students successfully pass all compulsory modules every academic year as well all respective compulsory on-demand modules as follows: 2nd semester, 2 modules, 3rd semester, 2 modules, and 6th semester 2 modules. In the second cycle of its studies, the Department offers a wide variety of graduate programs in a range of specialized areas that lead to the conferment of a Master’s degree once successfully completed.

      The following graduate programs are on offer throughout the academic year 2018-2019:

      • Graduate Program in Business and Labour Law
      • Graduate Program in Criminal and Forensic Sciences
      • Graduate Program in Public Law and Political Science
      • Graduate Program in Upgraded International and European Studies
      • Graduate Program in Private Law
      • Graduate Program in Arbitration Law, International Procedural Law
      • Graduate Program in International and European Energy Law
      • Graduate Program in Contemporary European Studies: Law, Economics, Policy
      • Cross Institutional Graduate Program: Law and Informatics