Planning & Development Directorate

      The Planning and Development Directorate is responsible for the planning, organization and development of the University as well as for its public and international relations. It is structured along the following departments:
      Development Department, Department of International Relations and Department of Public Relations and its responsibilities are allocated to its departments as follows:

      1. Development Department: In close collaboration with other services, the Department submits proposals for the compilation of programs that are related to the development of the institution and proposal with respect to issues of spatial planning. It processes and submits proposals for the organization of the Institutional services and, more specifically for the foundation, abolishment and renaming of faculties, laboratories, clinics and other units. It considers the needs the University has in vacancies in all categories, its distribution in different sectors, grades and specialties, the planning for staff training needs and it also has the responsibility for setting up necessary, new staff positions in every category. It submits proposals for legislative regulations and is responsible for the compilation and description of the responsibilities that all institutional boards and councils have. It attends to the concentration, classification and analysis of statistics related to students, staff of all categories, financial figures, equipment and research programs. It seeks and suggests measures for the simplification of bureaucratic forms and procedures such as the standardization of documents, means of communication and dissemination of information, introduction and use of new technologies, etc) and closely monitors the implementation of such measures.It caters for and introduces measures for the development and implementation of modern technical methods that can be used by the University service for file clean up of directorates, for the improvement of used documentation as well as for the improvement of working conditions.It exploits and manages the institutional estate and ensures that the University gets hold of assets from inheritances or donations. The Department is also responsible for the rental of the institutional estate as well as for record-keeping.  
      2. Department of International Relations: It is responsible for the planning and organization for the University’s promotion abroad, especially via the publication of special informative brochures and leaflets. The Department also sees to the formation of inter-university agreements, closely monitors their implementation and development, the concentration and  distribution of scientific exchange programs and of the programs that are developed within the framework of European Union (ERASMUS, COMMET etc.)
      3. Department of Public Relations: It is responsible for the planning and promotion of the University’s feats and achievements via the press and other means of mass media. It closely monitors the press and the mass media on issues of relevance to the University. It attends to the announcements made and the responses provided in published articles, caters for the welcoming and stay of scientists invited to the university and is responsible for the planning and organization of conferences, receptions, ceremonies and other events.      

      Human Resources

      The numbers in parentheses are all internal telephone numbers for use only within the Institution

      Planning & Development Directorate

      MAVRIDOU ELENI    Deputy Head +30 2531039084 (74084)

      Development Department

      TSIMPIRIDOU DIMITRA Head  +30 2531039271 (74271)

      Department of International Relations

      MAVRIDOU ELENI Head +30 2531039084 (74084)
      AGRAPETIDOU ANNA   +30 2531039103 (74103)

      Department of Public Relations

      MAVRIDOU ELENI   +30 2531039084 (74084)
      DELIGIANNI SONIA   +30 2531039273 (74273)