Center of Teaching and Learning


      This Center aims at promoting University’s interest in Education teaching and learning through specific actions aspired to create a community of learning, of innovation and continuous improvement of DUTH teaching methods by supporting teachers to exchange and to create proper education and teaching practices, to record their needs, to modernize and/or to develop new and effective educational actions, by using ICT during their courses, in order to create new learning environments that facilitate and support education in the best possible way.

      Function and Actions 

      The core focus of its activities are: 

      • To provide support and information to teaching staff on innovative practices applied in education methods used in undergraduate or postgraduate programs, as well as on the latest approaches about Adults Education and University Pedagogy, mainly through the implementation of learning cycles and short-term seminars. 
      • To provide support and information to teaching staff on the exploitation of new Information and Communication Technologies (Internet applications, e-class, PowerPoint, remote learning methods, etc.). On this ground, there is the possibility to cooperate with the existing DUTH multimedia structures. 
      • Gathering and sharing the supporting educational material (in paper or electronic form), as well as of good practices. 
      • To encourage the communication among teaching staff and the launching of meetings for the exchange of different views on successful practices or eventual problems that they face during their teaching role. 
      • To encourage the development of initiatives and synergies with other corresponding structures of HEIs, organizations or bodies with similar activities operating in Greece or abroad.

      The Center of Teaching and Learning may undertake and/or participate in additional educational activities, such as: 

      1. Learning Cycles, seminars and other actions in cooperation with other national and foreign scientific, professional, research or educational organizations and institutions, maybe based on a relevant cooperation memorandum. 
      2. The development of innovative educational materials related to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (e.g., videos), as well as the undertaking of research works. 
      3. The organization of Conferences/Seminars/ Education Days, Experimental Workshops and other scientific actions, such as the publication of scientific papers, books, journals, etc. 
      4. Participation in Working Groups, Bodies or Committees of D.U.Th. or other national or foreign organizations on topics related to University Pedagogy and teaching and learning in higher education. 

      The Center of Teaching and Learning is supervised by the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs, Student Care and Life-long Learning, Professor Maria Grigoriou, while Professor Katerina Kedraka, has been appointed as the Coordinator of CTL, upon a Senate’s Decision.