Department of Agricultural Development

      The Department of Agricultural Development, as it is described in the foundational FEK (179.6-9-1999 P.D. 208, article 1) is ‘… to cultivate and advance the Agricultural Science via an orientation towards new technological developments, the progress made in the sectors of economic and social development and the technical and social procedures involved in the evolution of the agricultural area…’.
      The Department of Agricultural Development is staffed with a highly-qualified academic personnel that supports students’ academic progress so that they can be thoroughly and fully educated and trained. Many of the departmental graduates have been distinguished in the professional arena, while others have successfully pursued their studies on a graduate level both in Greek universities and abroad. The Graduate Program of the Department has started to run its operation since the academic year 2007-2008 and aims towards the  development of capable and expert professionals in subject areas related to agricultural development.
      The Department is housed in a building block that consists of four buildings, that are situated within the city of Orestiada, about 500 metres away from its central Square. The needs in Student Care (food and housing) are met by new student residences with restaurant facilities that follow all modern specifications and ensure students’ comfortable stay there. 


      • Dean
        Professor Athanasios Kymparis
      • Secretary
        Eirini Darmpasi
      • Tel.
        +30 25520 41161
      • Email
      • Address
        Pantazidou 193 P.O. Box. 68200, Orestiada
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