Department of Social Work

      The Department of Social Work was founded after the tripartition of the Department of Social Administration and Political Science (Law 4610/2019) that offered university level studies in the field of social work since 1996 onwards for the students who followed this area of specialization. Its curriculum is in accordance with international standards of studies in social work. 
      Social work is an applied form of social science that focuses on the prevention, study, and treatment of social issues and needs as well as on the development of programs for the social integration of socially vulnerable groups, the defense of human rights, and social support. It combines theory, research and practical training for the prevention, investigation and treatment of risks and issues related to a wide area of application of social work, such as child care and the prevention and management of violence and mistreatment, family care, health, emotional health and dependencies, communal development, transgression, etc.
      The academic background of the staff at the Department spans a wide array of social sciences such as social work, social policy, sociology, law, and public and European studies. As such, the Department adopts a strong interdisciplinary orientationtowards the studies offered in the field of social work, with a heavy focus on the theory, methodology and the context in which training in social work is undertaken in different sectors like Clinical Social Work, social work in education, social work with minorities and socially vulnerable groups, social work with people with special needs, with elderly people, etc.
      The cultivation of critical thinking through knowledge development, analytic and composition abilities and the familiarization with the scientific fields taught in the Department, is one of the key objectives of the educational process. These skills are considered to be a necessary prerequisite for the graduates’ occupationalrehabilitationas well as for their scientific, research and/or their academic development. Special emphasis is also granted to the connection between theory and practice via practical training, on the promotion and development of innovative actions and interventions to the community, on the promotion of equal opportunities and on the treatment of discriminatory, racist and xenophobic manifestations.

      The Secretary Office of the Department (where freshmen are enrolled) is housed in the building block at the city centre of Komotini along with other University departments, and more specifically at 1 P. Tsaldari st., (PRO-KAT 1).

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