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      Departmental Heads

      Based on the provisions of article 23 in law 4485/2017, FEK 114A’ ‘Organization and Running of Higher Education, arrangements for research and other provisions’
      a. Any full-time member of the teaching and research staff, who serve as a Professor or Associate Professor in the Department can be elected as the Head or Vice-Head of the Department for a two-year period of office. In case there no Professors or Associate Professors in the Department, Assistant Professors can also be candidates for the position. If there are no nominations, the Head of the Department is ordained by the Senate based on the existing members of the Department, giving priority to Professors and Associate Professors and, then Assistant Professors. The start and end date of the office is determined in the elections call. 
      b. Members of the teaching and research staff that retire on completion of the upper age limit are not allowed to participate in the forthcoming elections.
      c. A Head can be elected for two consecutive terms of office. In this case, the Head can only be re-elected within two years after his/her second term of office has ended. The same person cannot be elected as the Head for more than 4 terms of office in total.

      The Head of the Department has the following and other responsibilities that accrue from the provisions of this law, from the Organization, the Internal Regulation as well as from other provisions of existing legislation:
      a. Manages all services of the Department and supervises over its smooth operation and the enforcement of the law, Organization and Internal Regulation,
      b.  Convenes the General Assembly of the Department, compiles the agenda of issues for discussion, assigns the role of the propopent to a member of the General Assembly, presides over its sessions and presents himself the issues for which no proponent has been assigned to a member of the General Assembly and ensures that all decisions made by the General Assembly be fully applied
      c.  Convenes the Administrative Board, compiles the agenda of issues for discussion, presides over its session and ensures that all decisions made by it be fully applied,
      d. Ensures for application of the Curriculum, including all educational activities,
      e. Is fully responsible for the maintenance of a register of scientific publications of the Department,
      f.  Issues induction acts for part-time teaching and research staff members 
      g. Forwards to all legitimate bodies of the institution, views, suggestions or propositions made by the General Assembly of the Department,
      h. Convenes committees for the study or processing of specific issues that fall under the responsibility of the Department,
      i.  Compiles the annual performance report of the Department and forwards to the Deanery,
      j. Represents the Department in the Senate and informs the General Assembly of the Department with respect to the discussions and decisions of the Senate.

      The Vice-Head acts as a surrogate Head in case the Head of the Department is absent for any reason, or he/she is temporarily unavailable to exercise his/her duties, in case he/she has resigned or has deceased up until the completion of his/her term of office.


      Professor Konstantinos Vadikolias

      Department of Medicine

      Professor Ioannis Tokatlidis

      Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

      Professor Athanasios Karafyllis

      Department of Primary Education

      Professor Athanasios Mavrommatis

      Department of Department of Education Sciences in Early Childhood

      Professor Athanasios Kymparis

      Department of Agricultural Development

      Professor Georgios Tsantopoulos

      Department of Forestry and Management of the Environment and of Natural Resources 

      Professor Georgios Syrakoulis

      Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering

      Professor Dimitrios Koulouriotis

      Department of Production Engineering and Management

      Associate Professor Spyridon Ntougias

      Department of Environmental Engineering

      Professor Lazaros Eliadis

      Department of Civil Engineering

      Professor Dimitrios Polychronopoulos

      Department of Architectural Engineering

      Professor Gregory Papagiannis

      Department of Greek Philology

      Professor Georgios Tsigaras

      Department of History and Ethnology

      Professor Elias Petropoulos

      Department of Language, Philology and Culture of Black Sea Countries

      Associate Professor Dimitrios Dimitriou

      Department of Economics Sciences

      Professor Periklis Polyzoidis

      Department of Social Work

      Proferssor Maria Pebetzoglou Department of Social Policy 
      Professor Ioannis Mpekas Department Political Science