Department of Physical Education and Sport Science

      The Department of Physical Education and Sport Science at Democritus University of Thrace (D.U.Th.) was founded in 1983 (P.D. 465/83). From this date onwards, the Department has systematically proceeded to continuous revisions of its Undergraduate Curriculumtaking into consideration the current international trends in the field of sports science in an effort to secure for its graduates the best possible conditions for their future occupational rehabilitation. Its mission can be subsumed as follows:

      1. To study and promote the Science of Physical Education and Sports through excellent academic and applied teaching and research.
      2. To provide its graduates with all necessary skills and knowledge that can ensure the level of their expertise in the field for a successful scientific and professional career. 
      3. To contribute to the progress of Greek sports, and at the same time, to develop and disperse the concept of sports to the entire nation.
      4. To contribute to people’s awareness in relation to the significance of Physical Education as a key factor for the improvement of the quality of life.

      The minimum number of semesters required for the acquisition of a Bachelor’s degree (BA)
      (‘ptychion’) is eight (8). Upon completion of their studies, the graduates of the Department can be assigned with:

      1. The teaching of the Science of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at all levels of education, in sports unions, in areas of occupational and social activity.
      2. The teaching of courses related to the Science of Physical Education.
      3. The application of exercise aiming to promote physical condition (fitness) and health to people of all ages and all groups of Greek population, to healthy people as well as to individuals with special abilities, cardiovascular illnesses and chronic disease.